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Address Book Overview | RingCentral Contact Center

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SummaryThis article details the RingCentral Contact Center Address Book feature. Address books provide agents with access, from within their agent application, to contact information for other agents or for entities outside the contact center.  The address book can be updated by the contact center admin under the Admin tab>Users>Address Book.  

There are two types of address book:

Standard address books are populated by manually adding data or by importing an existing contact file.

Dynamic address books use external data sources to display the contact's presence information as well as contact information. They are primarily used for contacts who are not agents in the business unit. Contacts in a dynamic address book cannot be manually added or uploaded to Central. They are added from an external source (like a CRM) using the Address Book API.  If you don’t have your RingCentral Office extension on your address book yet, you can contact your account manager or customer success manager to get the Corporate Directory added as a dynamic address book that syncs your office extension. 

Address Book - Admin Page
Admin can manage address books in Central by clicking Admin >Users> Address Books.

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