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RingCentral Contact Center - Converting an audio file to the correct .WAV format

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This article provides the steps to convert an audio file to the correct .wav format (µ-law, 8000 Hz, 64kbps, mono) for use in Studio. Follow the steps below to convert single or multiple audio files using Goldwave.


Single file conversion

1. Download, install and open the free version of GoldWave.

2. Click the "Open" file icon on the menu bar and open the audio file that you want to convert.

3. Save the file in the correct file format by clicking File>Save As

4. In the Save as type: dropdown select Wave (*.wav) file format and name your file. Then click the Attributes button.

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5. The Select Audio Attributes dialog will open. Select µ-law, 8000 Hz, 64kbps, mono.

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6. Click OK and then Save. Your file is ready to be used in Studio.

Multiple file conversion

1. If necessary, download GoldWave. Then install & open the GoldWave application.

2. Click File >> Batch Processing...

3. Click Add Files... or Add Folder... to select the audio files to be converted.

4. On the Convert tab, check the Convert files to this format: box

5. Save as type: Wave (*.wav)

6. Attributes: Select the μ-law, 8000 Hz, 64kbps, mono option.

7. If the files to convert are already WAV files, click on the Destination tab and pick an alternate folder to store the files.

8. Push the Begin button and GoldWave will begin converting the files and saving them as WAV files in the proper format in the designated folder.

9. Push the Ok button to close the window.

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