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SummaryThis article shows steps on how you can transfer an active call to another extension's voicemail.

RingCentral Phone - Desktop - Transfer Calls to Voicemail

Transferring calls to Voicemail allows you to transfer a call directly to the voicemail of another extension in your RingCentral account. The original call will immediately hear the receiving extension's voicemail greeting, so the caller can leave a message after the beep.

NOTE: Call Transfers will swap the Initial Caller ID with the transferring party's Caller ID.

1. During an active call, click Transfer.

NOTE: When you click Transfer, your call will be placed on hold after you dial the receiving party's number or extension.

Click Transfer

2. Enter the name or the extension number of another User in your account.

You can also click the Plus sign to select a User from your contacts list.

Enter Name or Number

3. Click Send to Voicemail.

Click Send to Voicemail

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