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RingCentral Phone - Add a participant in a Multi-way Conference Call

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SummaryWhen you add people directly to the call on the RingCentral Phone, it’s called local conference. These calls are reported as one-on-one calls in the call log and is limited to seven (7) participants.


How to add a participant in a Multi-way conference call

You can add up to 6 Multi-way Conference Call participants to your active call anytime, without the need to set up a Conference Bridge. 

1. In an active call, click the Add button. 

2. Enter the Extension number of another User in your account, or Phone number of the person that you wish to add to the multi-way conference call, and then click the green Call button. You can also click the Plus User-added image sign to select from your list of contacts.

3. Once the call is connected to the participant that you wish to add, click the green Add to Conference button.

NOTE: You may remove a participant from the conference by clicking the End Call button on the participant's image. 


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