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RingCentral Phone - RingOut | Placing an Outgoing Call

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SummaryIn placing a call on your RingCentral Phone using the RingOut feature, RingCentral will call your current location first. Once you've picked up the call on your phone, RingCentral will dial the number that you wish to call and combine both sessions in a single line.

Placing an outgoing call using RingOut on your RingCentral Phone


1. On your RingCentral Phone, click the Call button

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2. Enter the phone number that you wish to call, then click the Dial button.

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NOTE: Click the Plus sign User-added image to select a number from your Personal Contacts list.  


3. Select your Current Location or the number where you want to place the call, and then click Call.

You can click on the drop-down list to choose from your existing forwarding numbers, or you can enter a Custom number.

To edit your list of Forwarding numbers, go to Adding a Forwarding Number to a User Extension.

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