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SummaryThe RingCentral Phone allows you to attach files to a fax message directly from your scanner or multi-function device via the Scan-to-Fax feature. The RingCentral Phone automatically detects any WIA-compliant device connected to the computer. If you encounter issues using this feature, follow the steps below:

Scan to Fax - Unable to send faxes

1. Reboot your scanner and computer.
2. Scanner must be connected to your computer or network.
• If the scanner is connected wirelessly, switch to a wired connection between your scanner and computer.
• If the scanner is connected to your computer using a cable, try changing/replacing the cable.

3. Scanner or multi-function device's driver and software must be installed on your computer. For instructions, contact your device's Technical Support. 
4. RingCentral Phone must be updated to the latest version. For more information, go to Updating the version of RingCentral Phone.
5. Select the correct scanner on the RingCentral Phone's settings. For more information, go to Scan to Fax via the RingCentral Desktop App.

NOTE: If the above steps failed to resolve your issue, please Contact RingCentral Support for assistance. 
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