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SummaryURL Call Disabled is a Phone Registration Error experienced by Polycom phones. This happens when there is a network issue. When the Softswitch or Software Switch is unable to link PSTN to IP Networks, the "URL Call Disabled" error is displayed on your Polycom phone.

URL Call Disabled | Phone Registration Error


Check the Phone's Physical Connection

1. Make sure the ethernet cable from the modem or router is connected to the LAN Port of the Phone.
2. Ensure that the power cable is plugged in to a power source.
3. If this is the only phone connected to the network, try connecting the phone to a different port at the back of the router/modem.
4. If other phones are connected to the network, check if other phones working properly.
5. If other phones are working properly, try swapping with the other phone. This is to isolate if the port that the phone used is working, or if the phone will work in a known good port.
6. If the phone is connected to a wall outlet, try to plug the phone directly to the router.
7. On the phone, go to Menu > Status > Network > Ehternet. If LAN port does not show Active, then the phone does not see a connection to the network. Repeat the steps above.

Check the Phone's Network Connectivity

1. Check if the phone has an IP address. Go to Menu > Status > Network > TCP/IP Parameters > IP.
2. Make sure DHCP is Enabled.
3. If no IP address, reboot the phone.
4. After reboot, if still no IP address, check the router's DHCP settings to see if there are enough IP addresses in the pool.

Once Phone has LAN Connectivity and an IP Address, Ping sip.ringcentral.com on your computer connected to the same network.

1. Open Command Window. On Windows - Start > search CMD. On Mac - Hard Drive > Programs > Utilities > Terminal.
2. Ping sip.ringcentral.com.
3. If unable to ping sip.ringcentral.com, try pinging
4. DNS Server Issue. If the IP address can be pinged, but not the URL sip.ringcentral.com, there is a problem with the DNS Server. DNS is usually provided by the ISP.
Workaround: Change the DNS in the router's DHCP Server to Google's DNS server at or the Level 3 DNS server at
5. Routing Issue. Neither the URL or IP address can be pinged. 

Set Port Trigger on router: UDP 5060 - 5090 / UDP 16384 - 16482


1. Unstable Internet Connectivity - VoIP connection depends on an active and stable internet connection. If the connection is unstable, or down completely, the desk phone won’t be able to communicate with the RingCentral servers.  

2. DNS unable to resolve name correctly - Internet routers need to resolve the server name to an IP address. If the DNS server set on your network is unable to resolve the name correctly, then the desk phone won’t be able to communicate with the RingCentral servers.

3. NAT Issue - Ensure that the correct ports for the RingCentral service are open in your network.
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