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SummaryWhen using Live Reports, you may experience that some users are showing as unavailable. The most common cause for this issue is not being properly logged-in to the associated queue. Follow the steps below to troubleshoot when users show as unavailable in Live Reports.

How to Troubleshoot Users Showing Unavailable in Live Reports

1. Check the status in the associated queue.

Go to Phone System > Groups & Others > Call Queues > Click on down arrow to expand the group user status.

User-added image User-added image

2. If the User is on the correct queue and is still showing unavailable, listed below are the other possible reasons and solutions:

A. User in Do Not Disturb or Do not accept queue calls, on their mailbox.

To fix: Have user login to their online account (service.ringcentral.com) with their extension info. check the circle in the upper right hand corner, if it is red or orange, change it to green by clicking take all calls

User-added image

B. User have Accept queue calls toggled off on mobile or desktop app. 

To fix: Accept queue calls should be toggled on. 

User-added image

C. User outside of business hours on their extension. 

To fix: Configure the user's User hours to 24 hours / 7 days a week or change the user hours to include the timeframe. Configure User and After Hours - Admin | RingCentral

NOTE: User status and details shown are shown real-time on Live Reports. However, schedule changes (User Hours / After Hours) takes up to 30 minutes to update on Live Reports.

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