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RingCentral Multi-Site - View Data for Multiple Sites in Live Reports

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SummaryFor Administrators, you may create custom role to grant users Site Management and Sited Call Log permission o allow them to view Multiple sites without giving them visibility to all sites.

In Roles and Permissions create a new custom role and grant it the Multi-Site permission with both Site Management and Sites Call Log checked. Then when you assign that role to a user you will be able to select which site to allow them access to by selecting specific sites under Role Domain.

View Data for Multiple Sites in Live Reports | Multi-Site Support

Follow the steps to create and assign a custom role for users to allow them to view multiple sites without granting control and access to all sites. Multi-Site must be enabled and you must be an administrator to proceed with the steps.

1. Go to Users > Roles.


2. Click New Role.


3. Select a role to use as a starting to point. You may use the Standard role as a starting point to grant the minimum permission level.

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4. Enter the role name and provide a short description to help you remember the scope of this role. The description will be shown in the roles list.


5. Select the permissions you want to assign to the new role. For this role, you will need to assign and check: Multi-Sites which grants Site Management and Sites Call Log.


6. After creating the role, assign the role to users who need to view multiple site data on live reports. For more information, go to:


Assigning a Role to User/s
Assigning a Role via the User Details
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