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RingCentral Phone - Softphone Outbound Call | Fix Limit Reached Message

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SummaryThis article provides information on what to do when you get a message saying Limit Reached on your RingCentral Phone.


Softphone Outbound Call | Fix Limit Reached Message 

RingCentral can only authorize 1 computer per User for placing outbound calls directly from the app. If you install the RingCentral Phone on another computer and login using the same User Extension, you will get a message saying Limit Reached. It means that another computer is already authorized for placing a direct outgoing call from the softphone and as a result, outbound calling from the app is not available on your 2nd computer until the 1st computer is deauthorized.

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If you click Cancel, you can continue to receive incoming calls but outbound calling will be unavailable. You can use the RingOut feature to place an outgoing call. For more information, go to RingCentral RingOut.


If you want the ability to place an outgoing call directly from the softphone (RingCentral Phone), you have 2 options: 

1. Have your RingCentral Account Administrator add a DigitalLine for the RingCentral Phone where you want to place your outgoing calls. 

2. Deauthorize your 1st computer to authorize your 2nd softphone. To learn more about this option, go to Assigning the RingCentral Phone to a different Computer


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