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Logging in - Unable to Login | "Access to this account is disabled" | RingCentral Online Account

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SummaryThis article provides information on what to do when the access to your RingCentral account is disabled. Login issue on your online account occurs due to multiple unsuccessful login attempts.

Unable to Login | RingCentral Online Account | "Access to this account is disabled"


Error: Access to this account is disabled (60-minute security lock)

• You may get the error Access to this account is disabled after 4 unsuccessful login attempts.
• When you get this message, it means that RingCentral has taken the precaution to protect the security of your account and a 60-minute lock has been placed on your RingCentral login due to several unsuccessful login attempts. 
To resolve this error, reset your password by clicking on the reset password link sent by service@ringcentral.com to your email.
NOTE: Your RingCentral account Administrator can also reset your password but you will still need to wait until the 60-minute lock has ended before you can attempt to login.

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