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RingCentral App - Telephony Overview

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SummaryLearn about the RingCentral App Telephony feature.


RingCentral App - Telephony Overview

1. What is RingCentral App Telephony?
2. Key Features
3. Requirements
4. Supported Platforms
5. Limitations
6. Resources

1. What is RingCentral Phone App Telephony?

When enabled, all Users in your RingCentral Office account will be able to use the RingCentral App Desktop, RingCentral Mobile and glip.com for telephony functionality which includes placing outgoing and receiving incoming calls, checking voicemail messages and sending and receiving text messages. 


2. Key Features

• Make and receive phone calls

• Active Call Controls (Mute, Transfer, Flip, Park, etc.)

• Send and receive text SMS / MMS messages

• View call logs, Play voicemails

• View received faxes  


3. Requirements

• Requires a RingCentral Office Account connected to the RingCentral App account.

• The Telephony feature is OFF by default. Requires to be enabled by RingCentral App Administrators. See RingCentral App - Enable Telephony in your Account.

• Users will have to restart or sign out and in all RingCentral App web, Desktop and Mobile apps to gain access to the telephony functionality.

• When Telephony feature is enabled, User must set up and add physical address for E911 Emergency Calling.


4. Supported Platforms

glip.com (Chrome browser only)

• RingCentral App Desktop (Windows and Mac)

• RingCentral App Mobile (iOS and Android)

NOTE: RingCentral App Mobile (iOS and Android) need to have version 4.13 or higher installed.


5. Limitations

• Some functions from RingCentral Phone may not be available yet:

On glip.com and RingCentral App Desktop

- Phone conferencing

- Create/send a fax

- HUD /supervisor features

- Join Now

- Cloud Contacts

- Google Contacts

- Windows / Mac Contacts

- Presence: Do-not-disturb, Busy

- Call Queue Calls

 On RingCentral App Mobile (iOS and Android)

• RingOut (calls over carrier network)

• Fax

• Cloud Contacts

• Block Caller 

• Presence: Do-not-disturb, Busy

• Call Queue Calls


6. Resources

RingCentral App - Enable Telephony
RingCentral App - Mobile | Activate Telephony 
RingCentral App - Mobile | Make Calls with Telephony
RingCentral App - Mobile | Manage Call Logs
RingCentral App - Web and Desktop | Activate Telephony
RingCentral App - Web and Desktop | Make Calls with Telephony
RingCentral App - Web and Desktop | Manage Call Logs

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