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RingCentral App - Mobile - Activate Telephony

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SummaryRingCentral Phone App Telephony allows Users in your RingCentral Office account can use glip.com, RingCentral App Desktop and Mobile for calls, voicemails and text messages. When enabled in your account, you need to restart or sign out and sign in again in glip.com, RingCentral App Web / Desktop or Mobile app to enjoy the Telephony feature.

​Follow the steps below to learn how to activate Telephony in RingCentral App Mobile.


RingCentral App - Mobile - Activate Telephony  

1. After logging in to the RingCentral App Mobile, Users will see the What's New screen.

2. The Emergency Services Disclaimer screen appears. Make sure you understand and accept the terms before tapping Accept.

3. The Account Setup page will prompt you to enter your mobile phone number.
Tap NEXT when done.

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