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RingCentral App - Overview

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SummaryThe RingCentral App provides a centralized communication hub for Users. It lets you make a call, send messages, and meet colleagues online in one place, from anywhere and on any device.
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RingCentral App - Overview

The RingCentral App gives you a more unified experience by allowing you to collaborate with your colleagues in one place, from anywhere and on any device. It is suitable for knowledge workers and for all Users alike, who want to maximize their productivity and minimize the number of open apps as they work.



• Placing and Receiving Calls

The RingCentral App lets you place and receive calls locally within the organization and globally, with reliable quality of service.

• Team Messaging and Collaboration

The app facilitates easy messaging and collaboration for your organization, allowing you to share files and calendars, and easily manage tasks.

• Meeting Online

Online meetings are more productive with the app's screen sharing and webinars capabilities.


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