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RingCentral App - Left Pane

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SummaryThe goal with RingCentral App is to replicate that real-time collaboration in an online service accessible via the web or any mobile device. The Left Pane of the RingCentral App Web and Desktop allows you to be productive right in your conversation stream. The primary function of the Left Pane is to allow you to switch from one conversation to another, but it also provides access to other important parts of the RingCentral App, such as the Dashboard, Preferences, and Administration. Whether it’s assigning a task, scheduling an event or sharing a file, you don’t have to interrupt your workflow to get work done.


RingCentral App - Left Pane

All of your active conversations is listed on the Left Pane. One-on-one conversations (i.e., you and one other person) or conversations with multiple people will be listed in the People section. Conversations with a Team or Group will be listed respectively. Any time a new message is posted to any conversation will immediately pop on top of the list and the number of unread messages will be displayed to the right. Once you click on the conversation, the unread message indicator will be cleared. 

rc app - convo streams - new message

NOTE: When a Team, People or Group will be listed as a favorite, new conversations will not be on top of the list. Hierarchy will depend on how you arrange your Favorites list. See RingCentral App - Add to Favorites to learn more.

Messages on the Left Pane can be shown as Separate People, Group, and Team conversationsCombine People and Groups, but keep Team separate; or Combine all conversations under Messages. If you select Combine all conversations under Messages, a Messages button will appear on the Left Pane. See RingCentral App - Configure User Preferences to learn more.

rc app - messages


Other things you can do on the Left Pane

• Click the Plus (+) button beside the section will allow you to create new Teams or Groups or create new one-on-one messages.

rc app - convo streams - new team group or message

• Reorder the sections in the Left Pane as you see fit. Just click on the section, and then drag and drop to whichever order you want to place it.

• Collapse or expand views of Groups and Favorites.

• Click on the More (ellipsis) button to set preferences on each Team, People, or Group by clicking on the gear icon. If you would like to configure general preferences for your RingCentral App, click on your Profile Picture,and then select Preferences. See RingCentral App - Configure User Preferences to learn more.

rc app - convo streams - ellipsis

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