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Team Sync - Overview | RingCentral Contact Center

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SummaryThis article describes the Team Sync feature offered by RingCentral Contact Center.

Team Sync - Overview

Team Sync is a RingCentral Contact Center feature that provides agent teams with dedicated RingCentral App Team Chat preconfigured in accordance with Contact Center Team structure. Whenever a new team is created in the Contact Center, a Team Chat will be created for it in RingCentral App. Whenever a user is assigned to the Contact Center team, the same users will also be added to the corresponding RingCentral App Team Chat.  It takes care of every Contact Center team to have a RingCentral App team chat of its own, and ensures every team chat always has correct members, regardless of ongoing org changes. 

Team Sync updates happen daily (default at 2:00 am US/Mountain Time).  It looks at the Contact Center user’s email address and matches it with the RingCentral App user’s email address. 

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If you want Team Sync enabled on your account, open a case on the support site or contact RingCentral Customer Support.  


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