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RingOut - Enable | RingCentral Phone Android

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SummaryThe RingOut feature can be used on your Android device using the RingCentral Phone for Mobile.

Enable RingOut on RingCentral Phone for Android

NOTE: It is recommended to place a VoIP call on the Mobile app instead of using the RingOut mode if your phone has a good connection. Refer to RingCentral Phone for Mobile - VoIP Calling Overview for more information about VoIP Calling.

1. Log in to RingCentral Phone for Mobile.

2. Tap on your Profile picture.

3. Tap Call Settings.

4. Tap Always Use Cellular Voice (RingOut).

5. Tap your preferred RingOut number below RINGOUT SETTINGS. Click on the links below to proceed with your preferred option:

Use your Android number
Use Another Number

Use your Android number

Selecting My Android as the RingOut mode sets your phone as the device to take RingCentral calls.

To update the mobile number (Android number), tap Update My Android Number. Enter the correct number, then tap Save.

Use Another Number

If Another Phone is set as the RingOut mode — for example, if you want to make RingCentral calls from your hotel phone — then, RingCentral will ring that phone first. When you pick up, RingCentral will then dial the outbound number and connect you.

1. Tap any of the available numbers on the list to use as your RingOut number.

2. To add a different number, tap Add Custom Number. Enter the number you would like to use, then tap Save.

3. Enable Confirm Connection, if you prefer to be prompted to press "1" before the call is connected to your party. 

TIP: To enter a different custom number, tap Edit Custom Number, then tap Delete.

4. Tap Add Custom Number, then enter the new number, then tap Save.

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