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International Calling - Block specific users from placing International calls | RingCentral

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SummaryThis article will guide Administrators in prohibiting specific Users from placing International calls. By default, all Users are allowed to place international calls once the International Calling is enabled on the account. Users who are restricted to place International Calls will not have the capability of calling International Numbers even though International Calling is enabled on the account. 


How to block specific users from placing International calls

You must log in to the RingCentral account as an Administrator in order to perform the steps below.

1. Click the Users tab. 

2. Click Roles

3.Click on Standard (Predefined) 

User-added image

4. Click Assigned Users

5. Click the Assign User button, then select the Users from the list. 

6. Click the Assign button at the bottom of the list to save changes.



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