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Cost Center Management - Frequently Asked Questions | RingCentral

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SummaryThis article answers frequently asked questions regarding RingCentral's Cost Center Management.

RingCentral's Cost Center Management enables account Administrators to assign purchases of RingCentral services to a Department or an individual based on Cost Center Codes, which will help companies manage and monitor the expenses for cost control and budget planning.


Cost Center Management - Frequently Asked Questions


1. Can I assign purchases by using account codes?

We currently only support Department code based on the transaction. 


2. Am I able to change a purchase to a different department code? 

Yes. You can change codes anytime. However, the changes will only apply to the next billing cycle. For instructions, go to Cost Center Management - Move a Billing Item to a Different Cost Center.


3. Is there any limitation about how many department codes that I can create? 

No. You can create codes that match your accounting and budget system.


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