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SummaryThe Calls Report (previously called Call Detail Report) provides call log information, including caller ID, destination, call duration, and call results, to help understand and control the usage of the company's phone system. It can be accessed from the RingCentral Online account > Analytics > Performance Reports.

How to Generate a Calls Report

The Calls Report is previously called the Call Detail Report (from Historical Reports). This can be generated from the Analytics Portal > Performance Reports section.

IMPORTANT: All current Historical Report subscriptions will be automatically paused. In order to continue to receive reporting subscriptions, Users will need to enable subscriptions in the Analytics Portal. 

1. Log in as the Account administrator to the RingCentral Online Account.

2. Go to Admin Portal > Analytics > Performance Reports.

3. Click the Calendar to set the date. You can select preset time periods or select Custom Ranges. Click Done to set.

Click Calendar

4. Click Calls.

5. Set the filters for Users, Call Type, Queue Calls, and Call Length, as needed. You can also search for a specific call.

6. Download or Save your report. 


• Reports can be downloaded in Excel format.

• When saving a report, you can enter a new name or overwrite the report using the same name. Saved reports can be accessed from the left pane by clicking Performance Reports.

Performance Reports list

• You can also Subscribe to reports. See Analytics Portal - Create Subscriptions | RingCentral for more information.

Other Reports you can generate

You can also create the following reports from the Analytics Portal:

• Queues Report
• Users Report
• Company Numbers Report 
• Device Status Report 

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