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RingCentral Phone Desktop - Audio Conference | Add Participants in Ongoing Conference

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SummaryWhen a Conference has already started, Hosts may add or invite participants in the ongoing conference call.

In this scenario, the Host has already started the conference by clicking the Start Conference button. In the ongoing conference, the Host may then Add participants or send a Text or Email invite.

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Invite with Text or Email

Clicking the Invite with Text or Invite with Email buttons would send a message to participants with the link to join the conference on iOS devices, as well as the Dial-In Number and Participant Access Code. For more information, go to RingCentral Phone Desktop - Audio Conference | Invite Participants.  

Add Participants

1. Click the Add button.
2. Enter the phone numbers or name of your participants on the To: field, or, click the Plus icon to invite participants on your company contacts.

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Once you start typing their names or phone numbers on the To: field, a list of personal and company contacts will appear. 

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When you click the Plus icon, a list of personal and company contacts will appear. Select the participant you wish to add.

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3. Once participant is selected, click the Call button.

4. When the participant accepts the call, click the Add to Conference button.

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4. The participant will then be added to the conference call.

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