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SummaryYou can make use RingCentral Analytics Portal Subscription feature to automatically generate reports and send them to your email or to your recipients. You must first have a generated report in order to successfully create a Subscription.

How to Create Subscriptions on the Analytics Portal

Subscribing to Reports are helpful especially when you need to check them on a regular basis — daily, weekly, or monthly.

Sample Use Case

Users who do not have access to Reports can have the Report files delivered to their emails on a schedule. Administrators can create Report subscriptions for certain Users so they can view the data they need without giving them administrative privileges. This minimizes the Administrator's effort and is useful for those in the Support field since it gives them the data they need to leverage their performance and services.

How to create subscriptions

NOTE: Up to 15 Users can be added to a Report subscription.

Subscriptions can be created on the Analytics Portal in 2 ways.

Subscribe after creating a report
Create Subscription in the Subscriptions section

Subscribe after creating a report

When you have created either a Performance or Company Numbers report, click Subscribe.


How to create a subscription in the Subscriptions section

1. Go to Admin Portal > Analytics > Subscriptions.

2. Click Create Subscription.

3. Enter Subscription Name.

4. Select Report type.

5. Select the report to subscribe to from the list.

6. Select the tab/s.

7. Set the Email Delivery Schedule — set the frequency and the schedule when it should be delivered.

8. Select the file type — PDF or Excel.

9. Enter the email recipient of the Subscription in the Email field. Click Add Email to add multiple recipients.

10. Click Create Subscription.

Your Subscription will then be listed in the Subscriptions section. You can also manage your Subscriptions from this section. See Analytics Portal - Manage Subscriptions | RingCentral for more information.

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