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SummaryYou can use the RingCentral Analytics Portal Subscription feature to automatically generate reports and send them to your email or to your recipients. When you have generated and subscribed to either a Performance or Company Numbers report, you will be able to manage your subscription.

How to Manage Subscriptions on the Analytics Portal

IMPORTANT: All current Historical Report subscriptions will be automatically paused. In order to continue to receive reporting subscriptions, Users will need to turn on subscriptions in the Analytics Portal.

Click on links below to learn more.

Access Subscriptions 
Enable Subscriptions 
Disable Subscriptions
Edit Subscriptions
Delete Subscriptions

How to access Subscriptions

Go to Admin Portal > Analytics > Subscriptions.

How to enable Subscriptions

Click the toggle button to enable subscriptions Enable Subscription  and receive scheduled emails.

Enable Subscription

How to disable Subscriptions

Click the toggle button to disable subscriptions Disable subscription and stop receiving scheduled emails.

Disable Subscription

How to edit Subscriptions

Click the Ellipses or 3 dots then click Edit.

Edit Subscription

You will be able to modify your Subscription conditions.

Click Save changes to save the changes. Click Cancel or the X button on the top right corner to discontinue editing.

How to delete Subscriptions

Click the Ellipses or 3 dots then click Delete.

Delete Subscription

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