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SummaryThe Paging feature can be set up by Account Administrators on the RingCentral Online account. Administrators should first add a Paging Only group, then select the devices that should receive the pages and the Users that should be added to the Paging Only group. The paging device can then be provisioned.

Set Up Paging on the RingCentral Online account

Account Administrators must be logged in to the RingCentral Online account to be able to perform the following:

Add a Paging Only Group
Select the Devices to Receive Pages
Select the Users allowed to page the Group
Provision a Paging Device

Add a Paging Only Group

1. Go to Phone System > Groups > Paging Only.

Paging Only

2. Click the New Paging Only button.

3. Enter your preferred Group Name and Extension Number, then click Save.

4. Click Yes to configure it immediately. You will be immediately redirected to the Paging extension you have created.

The Paging Only Details section lets you modify the Extension Number, Group Name, and lets you enable or disable the extension.

Click the Paging tab to modify the Devices to Receive Page or select the Users Allowed to Page this Group.

Paging Only Details

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Select the devices to receive pages

1. Click the Paging tab.

Paging tab

2. You will then see a list of Paging-only capable phones below Devices to Receive Page.

Select the phone/s on the list, then click Save when done.

NOTE: You can select up to 25 devices.

Devices to Receive Page

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Select the Users allowed to page the Group

1. Click the Paging tab, then click Users Allowed to Page this Group.

2. You will see the list of Users Allowed to Page this Group. Select the User/s on the list, then click Save when done.

Select Users

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Provision a Paging Device


1. Go to Phone System > Phones & Devices > Paging Devices.

Paging Devices tab

2. Click Add Device.

3. Specify the Paging Device Nickname, then click Next.

The Device Nickname makes it easier for you to identify the paging device.

4. Follow the instructions on the page, then click Done.

If your device is provisioned correctly, the Status on your Device Details will show Online.

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