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Call Delegation - Configure Settings for Executive | RingCentral

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SummaryThis article describes all the requirements and steps for configuring the executive to start using Call Delegation.

Call Delegation - Configure Settings for Executive | RingCentral

RequiresPresenceConference, and HUD (RingCentral Phone App for Desktop)

• Executive cannot be assigned as assistant
• Executive and assistant cannot be Call Queue members (no agent monitoring features as well)
• Max of 10 assistants/delegates assigned for an executive

1. Set Presence permissions: Appearance tab, Permissions tab.
• Check "Enable me to pick up a monitored line on hold"
• Check "Allow other users to see my Presence status"'

For more information go to:
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2. Assign Delegates. Select from the list of users you want to assign as your assistants/ delegates.

3. Select a phone number you want to display as your Caller ID number for Delegated Caller ID. This will be the caller ID when your assistant makes a call on your behalf. 

On your User page, go to Outbound calls and faxes > Caller IDDelegated Caller ID.

Executives are recommended to use the RingCentral Phone App for Desktop for full functionality. However they can still use desk phones (with limited functionality) to pickup calls made by their assistants/delegates.

Additional configurations for Executives:

These are the recommended configurations for Executives to use with Call Delegation.

1. Go to Users >  Select Executive > Call Handling & Forwarding. Set Call Handling & Forwarding "Always ring for at least 30 seconds before forwarding is completed." On.

2. Click the Conferencing button on the top-right of the Admin Portal  then set "Enable join before host" to On.

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