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Head-Up Display (HUD) - Transfer Calls | RingCentral Phone

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SummaryYou can transfer your active call to another Extension by Warm Transfer, Blind Transfer, or To Voicemail.


Head-Up Display (HUD) - Transfer Calls

1. During an active call, click the HUD icon User-added image if your HUD list is docked.
If the HUD list is undocked, proceed to step 2. 

2. Hover on the Extension where you want to transfer your active call, and then click Transfer

HUD - Transfer icon

3. When you click Transfer, you will have three (3) options:

HUD - Transfer options

1. Warm Transfer   User-added image

When you select Warm Transfer, you have the option to talk to the party where you want to transfer the call, before completing the transfer.

When you are ready to complete the transfer, click the Complete Transfer button. 

2. Blind Transfer   User-added image

When you select Blind Transfer, your active call will be transferred immediately to the Extension that you selected.

NOTE: You will not have the option to talk to the party where you transferred the call.

3. To Voicemail   User-added image

When you select To Voicemail, your active call will be transferred immediately to the Voice Mailbox of the Extension that you selected. 

If you would like to add to an Extension to a Conference call, see Head-Up Display (HUD) - Add to Conference | RingCentral.

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