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Head-Up Display (HUD) - Add to Conference | RingCentral Phone

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SummaryYou can click the "Add to Conference" button to instantly add Extensions to your active calls with RingCentral Head-Up Display (HUD).


Head-Up Display (HUD) - Add to Conference

1. During an active call, click the HUD User-added image icon if your HUD list is docked.
If the HUD list is undocked, proceed to step 2. 

2. Hover on the Extension that you want to add to your active call, and then click Add

NOTE: You can add up to six (6) Extension to have seven (7) conference participants in total, including you. 

HUD - add user

NOTE: Your active call will be placed on hold immediately after clicking on the Add User-added imagebutton, and then Line 2 will open on your RingCentral Phone to call the User that you selected. 

3. When you are ready to add the User to a Conference, click the Add button. 

HUD - add participant

NOTE: To hang up on either line, hover on the Conference participant, and then click the hang up button on the participant's avatar. Clicking on the Red hang up button at the bottom of the app will hang up your call and disconnect both parties. 

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