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RingCentral Contact Center Voice Troubleshooting

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SummaryThis article provides the fix to some issues encountered with RingCentral Contact Center Voice.


RingCentral Contact Center Voice Troubleshooting

Initiating Agent Leg Connection from MAX, but RingCentral Contact Center Voice doesn’t accept it.
Fix 1: Contact Center Voice is not logged in to RingCentral.
Contact Center Voice has to be logged in to RingCentral to accept the agent leg connection.

Fix 2: Contact Center Voice is logged in to RingCentral but had entered a different phone number when launching MAX.
In MAX, open the Information panel and make sure that Agent station’s phone number and extension match those in RingCentral Contact Center Voice status window. If they do not, relaunch MAX with the correct phone and extension numbers. 


My microphone doesn’t work.

Fix: Chrome is configured to use a different microphone
In Chrome, go to Settings / Advanced / Privacy and Security / Content Settings / Microphone. Ensure that the correct microphone is selected.


My speakers do not work.

Fix: RingCentral Contact Center Voice uses the system audio output device. Check the sound devices available in your system, select the desired one and adjust its volume level as necessary.


Issue: I’m experiencing login problems.

Fix: Ensure you’re not logged in to other RingCentral web resources (e.g. Service website) under a different user account. In case you are, log out and then retry logging back into RingCentral Contact Center Voice.
TitleRingCentral Contact Center Voice Troubleshooting
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