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RingCentral Phone Numbers Frequently Asked Questions

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SummaryFREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS for RingCentral Phone Numbers



1. Can I transfer my existing phone numbers to RingCentral?

Yes.  You can transfer or port your existing toll-free or local phone numbers to RingCentral.  Once you have requested port transfer though your online account, you can check the status of your number transfer request.

NOTE:  Transferring typically takes 5-14 days, but can take up to four (4) weeks. 


2. Do I “own” my number? Can I keep my toll-free or local number if I choose to cancel?

The number you receive upon signup is your own toll free or local number.  If you have paid for at least one month of service and your account is active and in good standing, you may keep your numbers.  There is no charge for transferring out numbers.  Your account must remain active and in good standing during the number porting process.


3. How much do additional phone numbers cost?

An additional phone number costs $4.99 per month, regardless if its toll free or local number.  You can find below the cost depending on the type of number you will be adding. For UK, see RingCentral Phone Numbers Frequently Asked Questions.​

Local Number/s - A Local Number would cost $4.99 plus State and local taxes.
Toll Free Number/s - A Toll Free Number would cost $4.99 plus State and local taxes.
True Toll Free Number (1-800) - A True 1800 Toll Free Number would cost $4.99 plus a one-time $30.00 Setup Fee plus State and local taxes.
Vanity Number - A Vanity Number would cost $4.99 plus a one-time of $30.00 Setup Fee plus State and local taxes.

NOTE:  Vanity numbers may take up to seven (7) days to be activated completely. 


4. How do I select Vanity numbers?

You can add additional numbers, including Vanity numbers, to your online account.  A Vanity number is $4.99 per month, with a one-time charge of $30

NOTE:  Vanity numbers take 5-7 days to be live and you will receive an email once the number has been activated.


5. Do I need a phone for an additional phone number?

An additional number would work depending on how you setup the call handling for the said number; (i.e.) the additional number would be setup as "take messages only", "play announcement only" or a can be setup as a number to be forwarded to another phone number.

You can use the phone numbers you added even without purchasing a phone.  You can assign them as a direct extension number to an extension. 


6. How do I route calls to a new phone number?

You can route calls to a new phone number depending on how you want the calls to be routed according to the call handling setup on your online account.  Once you have successfully added a new phone number, you can assign them directly to an extension. You can also add a direct number to a user.


7. How do I change a phone number?

You can change your phone number on your online account by going to Phone systems > Phones & Devices > [look up the number to swap] click on it > Edit Number > follow the prompts. For a step-by-step guide, go to RingCentral Online Account: Assign a Phone number to a Desk phone.


8. Can I request to enable blocked international destinations?

Yes, this process is also called whitelisting destinations.  However, you would need to sign a disclaimer accepting responsibility for costs associated with fraudulent transactions.  There's a 48 hour service-level agreement (SLA) for enabling destinations once signed agreement is received.


9. Can I make calls to any US and Canada numbers?

You can make calls to any U.S. and Canada numbers included in the list of supported area codes.  You can also view or download the list of supported area codes.


10. Can I swap phone numbers?

Yes.  You can change or swap your RingCentral phone number(s).  To do so, contact RingCentral Call Support for further assistance.

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