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RingCentral Phone Mobile - Logging in using your Phone Number

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SummaryThe RingCentral Phone Mobile allows you to log in using your RingCentral phone number, extension, and password.

RingCentral Phone Mobile - Logging in using your Phone Number

You can log in to the RingCentral Phone Mobile App using your RingCentral credentials — your phone number, extension, and password.

IMPORTANT: You must use an alphanumeric password. You may not be able to log in to your RingCentral Phone Mobile App if you are still using a numeric password.

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1. Launch the RingCentral Phone Mobile App.

2. Tap Sign In.

Tap Sign In

3. Tap the flag Flag, then select the country where your RingCentral account is located.

QUICK TIP: Scroll down the country list to view more countries.

Select country

4. Enter your RingCentral Direct Phone Number and Password or your RingCentral Main Company Number, your Extension Number and Password. Tap Sign In.

NOTE: You need to specify your Extension Number if there 2 or more Administrators in your RingCentral account.

Enter login information - Sign In

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