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RingOut - Overview | RingCentral Phone for Mobile

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SummaryThis article describes the benefits and functionality of the RingOut feature on your RingCentral Phone for Mobile. Click on the links below for steps on how to enable RingOut on your iOS or Android device.


Enable RingOut on RingCentral Phone for Mobile - Overview

The RingOut feature in the RingCentral Phone for Mobile lets you use a non-RingCentral device to place a call when there is no connection (Wi-Fi/3G/4G) available. The feature displays your RingCentral phone number as your Caller ID to the party you are calling. It maintains your RingCentral identity on such calls which also gets reflected on your Call Log.

When RingOut is enabled, the Mobile app uses your cellphone's native calling system to make outbound calls through your cellphone carrier. RingOut calls use your carrier's voice minutes instead of using the data plan.

How it works
Enable RingOut on the RingCentral Phone for Mobile
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• RingOut calls use carrier voice-plan minutes.

• Preserves your RingCentral calling identity, so those you call will see your selected RingCentral Caller ID.

• RingOut may save you from having to pay toll charges that would occur if you called directly from your smartphone. This is especially useful for international travelers.

How it works

RingOut calls you on your RingOut Number first, then connects you to the desired number. The RingOut Number is the phone number assigned to the device where you want to pick up the RingOut call, to connect to the other party. When the call is connected to the dialed number, RingCentral shows your RingCentral business number as your Caller ID. RingCentral hides your personal phone numbers when using your home or cell phone.

Enable RingOut on the RingCentral Phone for Mobile

Follow the steps below to enable RingOut on your Mobile app before you can start placing calls in this mode:

RingOut - Enable | RingCentral Phone Android
RingOut - Enable | RingCentral Phone iOS 

NOTE: It is recommended to place a VoIP call on the Mobile app instead of using the RingOut mode if your phone has a good connection. Refer to RingCentral Phone for Mobile - VoIP Calling Overview for more information about VoIP Calling.

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