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Phone Numbers - RingCentral DigitalLine Overview

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SummaryWhat is a DigitalLine?

The RingCentral DigitalLine is a phone number assigned to an IP Phone or RingCentral Phone used for both incoming and outgoing calls. It allows RingCentral Users to place outgoing calls to an extension within their RingCentral Company directory, or another phone number anywhere in the world. Incoming calls placed to a RingCentral DigitalLine routes directly to the User where the DigitalLine is assigned, and should bypass the Auto-Receptionist.

NOTE: Calling rates vary depending on where you are calling to. For more information, go to Dialing or Calling International Phone Numbers.

IMPORTANT: Without a DigitalLine, RingCentral Users can only receive incoming calls on the RingCentral Phone and RingCentral Phone for Mobile (VoIP Calling-enabled). Without a DigitalLine, Users can only place outgoing calls from their RingCentral Phone via RingCentral RingOut. The RingCentral Phone for Mobile does not require a DigitalLine to place outgoing calls. To place an outgoing call via the RingCentral Phone for Mobile, VoIP Calling should be enabled, otherwise the call will be placed via RingCentral RingOut.

Account Administrators and Users with special permission can add DigitalLines for each User on the RingCentral Online Account. For more information, click on the links below.

Set up a RingCentral SIP Phone 
Phones & Devices Overview 

DigitalLines for RingCentral Office Plans (US and Canada)

RingCentral Office plans automatically have Unlimited local Outbound Calling per user per DigitalLine. For pricing information, go to RingCentral Office Plans and Pricing.

RingCentral Office plans United States: click here
RingCentral Office plans Canada: click here.
RingCentral Office plans United Kingdom: click here.


DigitalLines for RingCentral Professional Plans (US only)

NOTE: As of November 1st 2017, the Basic and Standard DigitalLines plans will no longer be available for purchase. However, if you currently have Basic or Standard DigitalLines, they will remain active. 
DigitalLine TypePriceDescription
DigitalLine Basic
(RingCentral Professional plans)
$9.99Use your existing RingCentral Professional plan minutes for inbound and outbound calls anywhere in the US and Canada. 
DigitalLine Standard 
(RingCentral Professional plans)
$14.99500 minutes of outbound calls to local and long-distance calls anywhere in the US and Canada. Additional minutes are only at 3.9 cents per minute.
DigitalLine Unlimited 
(RingCentral Professional plans) 
$29.99Unlimited outbound local and long-distance calls anywhere in the US and Canada.
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