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Phone Numbers - Assign a Number to an Extension or Auto-Receptionist | RingCentral

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SummaryThis article provides information on how to assign an additional number to an extension or to the Auto-Receptionist. Additional numbers to the RingCentral phone system can be assigned and reassigned to different extensions.


Assign a Number to an Extension or Auto-Receptionist


2. On the Admin Portal page, click Phone System > Phone Numbers > Company. Click on the phone number that you wish to assign/re-assign.

select phone number

3. Here you have two (2) options that you can choose:
•  Assign the number to Auto-Receptionist, so it will follow the rule that you have under the Auto-receptionist page. Select Auto-Receptionist and then, click Save.
select auto receptionist
• Assign the number to an Extension that will follow the rule set on the extension. Select Extension and click Select Extension.
select extension
QUICK TIP:  Alternatively, back on the Company window, you can just hover on the selected phone number that you want to assign and click on Assign to Ext.
assign to ext

You will be then taken to the Select Extension Window. Select where you want to assign the number and click Done.
select ext click done
5. Click Save to confirm changes.

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