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RingCentral Shared Lines Overview

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SummaryThis article provides an overview of the Shared Lines Group feature and discusses the availability, features, benefits, how it can be accessed and managed by Administrators.

The Shared Lines group feature allows calls made to one phone number to be answered by multiple phone devices. Answered calls can be handed off to other phones sharing the same phone number. This feature is a commonly required function in many industries, such as retail, restaurant, warehouse, etc. See Shared Lines - System Requirements for more information.


This feature is available to all RingCentral Office Standard, Premium, and Ultimate accounts based in the US, Canada, UK, EU, and Australia. Additional costs may apply for a new phone line and device purchases.


Allow calls and lines to be shared among multiple desk phones; answer calls on any phone
• Place a call on hold then pick up from another phone
• Supports up to 8 lines with 16 phones with any combination between (1 x 1) and (8 x 16)
• Compatible with all RingCentral Polycom phone devices
• Forward incoming calls to a specified extension after two (2) to sixteen rings
• Caller ID name is shown on hard phones when a call on hold is picked up via Presence or Shared Line Group.


• Efficiently distribute incoming calls within a specific group
• Easily reach a person at different phones without the need for call transfers
• Eliminate any missing call. Simply answer calls on any phone
• Easy to add and modify a Shared Lines group over the cloud, anywhere, anytime
• Included for FREE with RingCentral Office. No additional cost to pay for this function.
• All outbound calls from a Shared Lines group will have a consistent phone number instead of individual numbers or extensions.
• The ability to see the Caller ID name beforehand allows Users to greet customers in a more personalized way. 

How to access Shared Lines

1. Log in to the RingCentral Online account.
2. On the Admin Portal, go to Phone System > Groups > Shared Lines tab. 
The panel automatically displays all the Shared Lines group in the company by default.

How to manage Shared Lines groups

Administrators can do the following:
• Search for a particular Shared Lines group and filter it by Site (when Multi-Site Support is enabled).
• Create or add a new Shared Lines group. See Shared Lines - Add Shared Lines Group for more information.
• View the Shared Lines groups' Status (Enabled, Not Activated), Name, Site, Numbers, Extension, and Messages.
• Change the site assignment of Shared Lines group/s by selecting group/s from the list then clicking Change Site.
Enable, Disable, or Delete Shared Lines group/s. See Groups - How to Rename, Enable, Disable, and Delete Groups for more information.
• Resend email invitation for Shared Lines group activation.
• Edit Shared Lines group settings, such as Shared Line Details, Direct Numbers, Greeting, Call Handling, Outbound Caller ID, and Messages & Notifications. See Shared Lines - Group Settings for more information.

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