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Fax - Send Fax | RingCentral Phone Mobile

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SummaryThis article shows how to send a fax message on the RingCentral Phone for mobile. The steps are applicable on both iOS and Android devices.

1. Tap the RC Phone app icon on your mobile  phone.

RC Phone app icon

2. Tap Messages on lower left corner.

Tap Messages on lower left corner

3. Tap All Messages  > Select Fax

Tap All Messages. Select Fax.

4. Tap the New Message tap new message  icon. 
5. Type the recipients number in the To: field. Alternatively, tap the plus RC US Mobile App - New Fax - Add Contacts icon icon to choose a contact from your phone.
6. TapSelect Cover page button to select your Cover Page
7. Tap the Attach RC US Mobile App - Options - New Fax - Attach File Icon icon to add a file to fax.

NOTE: The file size limit of your attachment is 20 MB. Make sure you authorize the RingCentral mobile app to access Dropbox, and/or Box if you want to attach a file from either or both cloud-based storage.

8. Select the location of your file: Documents, Photos, Dropbox, or Box. Select the file.
9. Tap Send.


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