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RingCentral Meetings - Mobile | Start and Join a Meeting

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SummaryYou can join RingCentral Meetings on any Android or iOS device using the RingCentral Meetings mobile app.

NOTE: RingCentral Meetings replaced the legacy dial-in numbers with (773) 231-9226 for RingCentral US customers, and +44 (203) 875-4507 for RingCentral UK customers. After the migration, the Meeting ID will be automatically validated (no need to press "1"). An error prompt appears if the meeting ID is incorrect. Meeting security will also be enhanced by making sure the phone participants cannot enter the meeting before the host when Enable join before host (Meetings for Desktop) or Allow Join before host (Meetings Mobile App) is disabled.

RingCentral Meetings - Mobile | Start and Join a Meeting  

NOTE: A conference bridge can be used for 8 hours at a time. Hosts and participants will be disconnected from the conference and will have to dial back in, should a meeting last longer than 8 hours.

Start a Meeting
Join a Meeting
Join or Start Meetings by a Single Tap (for iOS devices only)

Start a Meeting 

Two ways to start a meeting:

i. Start an Unscheduled Meeting

1. Launch and log in to RingCentral Meetings.
2. Tap Meet Now.
3. Tap Start with video or Start without video.

When you start a meeting, you automatically become the Host of the meeting. Once the meeting starts, the Meeting ID will be displayed at the top of the screen. You can copy and send the Meeting ID to invite Participants. See RingCentral Meetings - Mobile | Invite Participants to a Meeting to learn more.

ii. Start a Scheduled Meeting

1. Launch and log in to RingCentral Meetings.
2. Tap Upcoming or Upcoming Meetings.
3. Tap Start on the selected scheduled Meeting.

Join a Meeting

You can join a meeting from from the Meetings Mobile App or from the invitation link.

From the Main Meetings screen

1. Launch the RingCentral Meetings app on your device.

2. Tap Join or Join a Meeting if you have not logged in.

3. Enter the Meeting ID or tap the drop-down arrow RingCentral Meetings - iOS - Join a Meeting - Tap the Arrow Down icon. button to see a list of previously used Meeting IDs.

4. Then tap Join Meeting.

From the invitation link

Use this method if you have received a meeting invitation link via email or via instant message.

1. Open the email or instant message.
2. Tap the invitation link to join a meeting.   

The RingCentral Meetings Mobile App will automatically open for you to join the meeting.

Join or Start Meetings by a Single Tap (for iOS devices only)

iPhone 6S and 6S Plus users can easily join or start a meeting by single tapping on the RingCentral Meetings for Mobile icon. 3D Touch support enables quick actions to open from an iPhone screen.

Meetings Mobile app - iOS - 3D touch support

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