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SummarySetup 3rd party/BYOD Cisco/Linksys phone via assisted provisioning.
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Assisted Provisioning | Cisco/Linksys IP Phones



Supported Phones

• Cisco 7841, Cisco 8861
• Cisco SPA 122 ATA/303/508G/514G
• Cisco 2102 ATA, Cisco PAP2T ATA
• Cisco SPA 504G/509G/525G2

NOTE: List may change. Check this article for an updated list: RingCentral - List of supported phones

Requirements before you proceed to setup your phone:

• Make sure your Cisco phone is supported by assisted provisioning: Check if your phone is listed - RingCentral - List of Supported Phones
IMPORTANT: If you purchased your device from a different provider, make sure that the phone is unlocked before you proceed

You may encounter an error that the phone is not registering with RingCentral. This may mean that the phone is locked with your previous provider. Please contact your previous provider's support to have the phone unlocked.

• You need to Add a Local Phone Number and assign the Phone number to your Desk phone before you can configure assisted provisioning.

How to Setup/Provision your Cisco Phone

1. Log in as an Administrator to your RingCentral Online Account.
2. Go to Admin Portal > Phone System > Phones & Devices
3. Under User Phones, look for the Existing phone > click Setup and Provision.

NOTE: If the number is not yet assigned to a device, you will see Setup and Provision when you point your cursor over it.

User Phones - Existing Phone

4. Click Cisco / Linksys IP Device > Select Phone Model that you will provision > click Next

NOTE: If your phone is not on the list it means that it is not supported via assisted provisioning. Go to Deskphones - Manual Provisioning | Cisco phones for steps on how to configure your device.

select Cisco Phone

5. Reset your phone.  
6. Get your phone's IP address. Depending on the phone model, instructions may vary. Please follow the instructions for the specific phone model.

NOTE: The computer you're using, and the Cisco phone must be on the same network.

IMPORTANT: Ensure that the Cisco SIP phone is connected to the network (Ethernet cable connected from the Router, to the phone's SW port) before clicking the Next button.  


7. After clicking Next, a pop-up window displays the provisioning progress as it locates and provisions your device. The phone will reboot and provision by itself. A confirmation window appears once the device has been successfully provisioned.

Loading Bar


How to Provision your Cisco phone to Replace an Existing User phone 

Follow the steps below to replace a phone on your RingCentral account with an existing Cisco phone. 

1. Log in as an Administrator to your RingCentral Online Account
2. Select Phone System, then click Phones & Devices
3. Under User Phones, click the device that needs to be replaced. 

User-added image 

4. Click Change Phone.

User-added image

5. Select Phone not purchased from RingCentral, then click Next.

Phones not purchase through RC

6. Follow steps 4 to 7 under How to Provision your Existing Cisco phone to complete the procedure.

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