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Call Handling & Forwarding - Set a User's Call Handling and Forwarding Settings - Admin | RingCentral

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SummaryThis article provides steps for Administrators to set up another User's Call Forwarding settings via the RingCentral Online account.


Call Handling & Forwarding - Set Call Forwarding for your Business hours

You must have Administrator access in order to proceed with the steps below. Access to modify another User's Call Forwarding settings is limited to the following Administrator roles:
• Super Admin
• User Admin
• Custom Roles with access to User Management & User Settings > Call Handling & Forwarding

Select the action you want to perform from the list below:

Configure another User's Call Forwarding for Business hours
Configure another User's Call handling settings for After hours


Configure another User's Call Forwarding for Business hours

1. Log In to your RingCentral Account.

2. Go to Users > User list > Users With Extensions

3. Select a User from the list. 

4. Click Call Handling & Forwarding

5. Under User HoursIncoming Calls Forward in this Order, configure how you want RingCentral to handle the User's incoming calls. If incoming calls will be offered to multiple forwarding numbers, you can choose how the calls are offered to the forwarding numbers. Forwarding numbers can ring Simultaneously or Sequentially (one at a time).

6. By default, the RingCentral Desktop & Mobile Apps will always be the to first ring even when you select simultaneous ringing. If you want the calls to be forwarded straight to the User's desk phones and other forwarding numbers, you can disable Desktop & Mobile Apps from the forwarding numbers list by turning the Active Switch off (Gray switch User-added image means the forwarding number is disabled).

7. To add non-RingCentral numbers to the User's forwarding numbers list, there are 3 pre-labelled slots (Home, Mobile and Work) that you can use. You can also click the Add Call Forwarding Phone button to add 7 more slots with labels (Phone Name) you can customize. 

8. To forward calls to another extension user's phone, click the kebab button then select Forward to Other's Phones. Select the phones from the list on the pop-up page, and then click Done

User-added image

9. Set the number of rings for each phone and forwarding number on the list. Five (5) seconds is equal to approximately one ring.

User-added image

10. OPTIONAL: Rearrange Forwarding Numbers and Create Ring Groups

11. Click Save

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Configure another User's Call handling settings for After hours


1. Log into your RingCentral Online account.

2. Go to Users > User list > Users With Extensions

3. Select a User from the list. 

4. Go to Call Handling & Forwarding > After Hours.

NOTE: If the User's hours is not yet set, you will be prompted to set the User's hours by clicking Yes

5. Under After Hours, decide how you want the user's calls handled. You have 4 choices. 

Send callers directly to voicemail - Select if you want calls to go directly to the user's voicemail.

Play announcement and disconnect - Select if you want to play a recorded greeting, then immediately hang up. You can also customize the recorded greeting by clicking on the Edit button right under the announcement. 

Forward Calls - Select if you want to forward the call to one or multiple phone numbers simultaneously or in a specific order and have the User's greeting settings apply.

Unconditional Forwarding - Select if you want to bypass RingCentral's greetings and forward the call to an external phone number (non-RingCentral number). A box is provided where you can enter the phone number. 

6. Click Save


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