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SummaryHow to use call park on my RingCentral for desktop?
Call Park is a feature which allows RingCentral Office users to put a call on public call park and have a different user pick up on another phone by dialing the park location. Follow these steps to Park a call using the RingCentral for desktop app.

NOTE:  These steps are used when parking a call on a public park location, for more details on using private Park locations, go to Call Park feature for the RingCentral desktop app.

Sample Scenario:

Sandy is currently speaking with a client on a desk phone. However, during the conversation, she needed to go to the other room to check some documents in her briefcase. Call Park will help her assign the call to the extension phone located at the other room, and continue the conversation with her client.

Below are the steps she need to do in order to park her current call to the other extension.

Step 1:

While on a call, park the call by clicking the Park button.

Desktop App - Active Call - Click Park

Step 2:

A notification appears to let you select a park location for the call.
Select Public, then click Park.

Desktop App - Active Call - Park Call - Select Public

Step 3:

A notification appears with the park location of the call.
Click Ok.

Desktop App - Active Call - Park Call - Call Parked

You can now hang up after parking the call.

Step 4:

Pick up the call by dialing the park location from another extension.

In this example, Sandy picks up the parked call by dialing *805 from the extension at the other room, and continues the conversation with her client.


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