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SummaryA feature on the desktop app, Park Locations allow you to park a call privately. Use the desktop App HUD to utilize Park Locations and learn more with the answers provided for the frequently asked questions regarding Park Locations for the desktop app.

Park Locations is a feature on the Desktop app HUD that allows you to park a call privately that can only be answered by users within the group.

Key Features and Benefits

• Create a private Park Location that is only visible to users who can park and pick up calls within the group.
• Support up to 100 Park Location groups per account.
• Increase security to allow access phone call for selected employees.

How to Park a Call to a Private Location using the RingCentral Desktop app's HUD

Use your park locations to park calls via the Desktop app HUD. To set up your Park Locations group, go to Setting up and Using Park Locations.

Step 1: 

During an active call, click on the HUD icon.

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Step 2: 

Under HUD, hover your mouse over the Park Location Group, and then click Park.

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NOTE: You may also use the Park button on an Active Call to place a call on hold and send it to a Private Park Location

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How to Pick Up a Parked Call from a Private Location using the RingCentral Desktop app's HUD

To Pick Up a parked call from a Private Park Location via the RingCentral Desktop app HUD, follow the steps below.

Step 1: 

Open the RingCentral Desktop app's HUD. 

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Step 2: 

Hover your mouse over the Park Location where the call is parked, and then click Pickup.

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Park Locations Frequently Asked Questions

1. How many Park Locations groups can I have?
Each account can have up to 100 Park Locations groups.
2. How many users are allowed in a single Park Location group?
There is no limit.
3. Can a user be added to multiple Park Locations groups?
4. How many calls can I park on a single Park Location?
Only 1 call per 1 Park Location.
5. What happens if someone that doesn’t belong to Park Location dials the DTMF codes to pick up?
There is no DTMFs support for Park Locations. It is possible to call this extension, but the call will be rejected with error prompt: "This group does not accept phone calls. You will now be disconnected“.
6. What happens if I pick up parked call with active call in progress?
The active call will be place on hold, and the parked call will be picked up.
7. What happens if I try to park call on hold or incoming call?
Error prompt will be played: “Call is no longer available to pickup.”, the calls are not affected.
8. Why I cannot see a Park Location extension on my app?
You can only see the Park Location extensions if you are added to the group(s). Make sure you enable your HUD settings and add the visible Park Location extensions to the HUD list.
9. What will happen if I (as an admin) accidentaly delete a Park Location group?
The extension will be removed from users’ HUD list and their desk phone presence list. 
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