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RingCentral App - Calendar App Overview

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SummaryThe Calendar app shows all events across all of your conversations in a traditional calendar view. Within each conversation stream, you can see upcoming events in the right pane, but the Calendar app lets you view your entire schedule.


RingCentral App - Calendar App Overview

• Click More on the bottom Left Pane, and then select Calendar to access.

• Click on any event or task on the calendar and its Details view will slide in over the right pane (as depicted below). You can view all of the event or task's details here, see its history, and add replies.

glip calendae

The drop-down lists at the top of the page allow you to:

• View all events, just events that you posted, events posted by a selected person, or events from a specific team/team folder.

• Display the calendar in day, week or month view.

• Show tasks with due dates on the calendar.

Under the gear menu are options to show or hide weekend days, and to change the start day of the week from Sunday to Monday.

NOTE: Events posted to a team or group are displayed in that team or group's color if one was specified. Click on the gear button in the heading of a team to set its color.

Add an event to the calendar by clicking on the New Event button at the top of the page or click anywhere on the calendar itself. You can also click while pressing the Command key on Mac or Alt key on Windows to create a new task with a due date on the given day.

The form for creating an event here is identical to that when posting from a conversation stream. Click on the more link to specify a location and description for the event.

Unless you have the calendar filtered to show just events from a specific team, you'll notice that the green button just says Post Event and doesn't refer to a specific team. When you go to post the event, you'll be asked to select the conversation to which it should be posted.

You can drag events around the calendar to change their dates and for multi-day events, you can drag the event’s border to increase or decrease its duration.


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