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RingCentral App - Web and Desktop - Notes App Overview

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SummaryThe RingCentral App features a Notes App that displays all of the notes that have been shared on all of your conversations. The notes can be viewed as a list or with summaries that show snippets from the notes. The Notes App lets you edit the note with editing tools, and allows you to do actions such as printing the note, sharing, etc.


Notes App Overview

• To access Notes from your RingCentral App, click More at the bottom of the Left Pane and select Notes.

• The ShowView, and Sort drop-down boxes provide options for filtering and sorting the list of notes. You can view all notes, the notes that you just posted, notes posted by a specific person, or the ones from a specific team/team folder. The notes can be sorted by the date they were posted, their title, or by the name of the author.

• Notes can be viewed as a list or with summaries that include a short snippet from the note.

Notes - View

Click on any note in the list to open it in the Note Viewer.

Open Note

• The buttons at the top left allow you to print, edit, like, bookmark, pin, share, move, view the conversation where the note was posted, view the note's history, and delete the note. There is also an Edit button prominently displayed at the top-right. If the note is currently a draft, a Post Note button would be displayed as well. Only one person at a time may edit a given note and you will be informed if the note is already being edited.

Click on the Close button or hit the Esc key, to close the note.

• When in edit mode, the toolbar at the top of the page provides options for formatting your note and the buttons at the right allow you to save or cancel your work. If the note is currently a draft, a Save Draft button would also be displayed. Click Save Draft to keep the note as a draft, or click Post Note to go ahead and publish the note to the stream for the given conversation. 

Editing tools

• If you're in the middle of reading or editing a note and you want to check on some new messages or do anything else on the RingCentral App, just click on the Minimize button at the top-right. The note will collapse down into a small thumbnail displayed at the top-right of your App window. You can now go about your other business on the RingCentral App and then when you're ready to get back to the note, just click on it. The note will open up full-screen again and you can continue reading, editing or composing.

Minimized Note

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