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RingCentral App - Add Advanced Integrations

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SummaryThe RingCentral App integrates with external applications and services which allow you to move content out and bring content into the app.


RingCentral App - Add Advanced Integrations

Because task management, event scheduling, and file sharing are such an integral part of your daily workflow, that functionality was built into the RingCentral App. The App also integrates with a number of external applications and services. These integrations allow you to interact with the App from other applications, move content out and bring content from external services into the App.

Add Integrations from the Integrations Menu
Add Integrations from Active Conversations 
Add Advanced Integrations 

NOTE: To view the Integration that was added, click the Show/Hide Shelf button on the upper right corner under your Profile Picture.

Show/Hide Shelf button

Scroll down and look for INSTALLED INTEGRATIONS on the Shelf at the right pane. This section lists any integration that has a target conversation in which you are a participant. This includes integrations that you set up yourself.

Show shelf - Installed Integrations

NOTE: Click on an integration to revisit its configuration and setup instructions, or to change the target conversation, pausing the integration (i.e., stopping messages from being posted), or delete it.


Add Integrations from the Integrations Menu

Integrations can be added from the Integrations menu on the bottom left pane. These integrations allow you to continue to work with some other key applications and services that you may currently be using, like your email and calendar applications.

1. Click Integrations or More Actions > Integrations (if hidden) on the bottom left pane.

2. Click the integration that you want to set up from the Available Integrations list for instructions on how to set it up.

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Add Integrations from Active Conversations

You may also add Integrations on your active conversations.

1. Click the Conversation Settings button on the upper corner of your conversation stream. 

Conversation Settings button

2. Click Add Integration from the drop-down menu.

3. Click the Integration that you want to add your current conversation.

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Add Advanced Integrations

The RingCentral App has also a number of Advanced Integrations that allow you to bring content from external services right into your conversation streams. For example, you might want notifications about new and updated JIRA tickets to get posted to your Development team. Or maybe Zendesk tickets for your Customer Support team. You can also do time tracking with the Harvest integration.

Click on any of the advanced integrations in the Available Integrations section and you’ll be typically asked to select a target conversation for the messages from the given service. You’ll then be provided with detailed instructions for setting up the integration. Some integrations, require you to sign into the other service and set up a “webhook” with a URL that we provide you. No need to worry, as we give you the exact steps to follow, along with helpful screenshots.

JIRA Instructions

For other services, you just have to sign into the service and we’ll set everything up for you.

Other Services

Once set up, most of the advanced integrations (with the exception of Harvest) will start posting messages to the selected conversation. Now that these messages are flowing right into the RingCentral App, you can go turn off some email notifications from the other service and have one less reason to check your email inbox!

Email Notifications


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