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SummaryHow do I access the call handling settings of a Shared Lines group? How do I modify the business hours and after hours settings of a Shared Lines group?


How to access and configure the Call Handling section of a Shared Lines group?

1. Log into your RingCentral Online Account as an Administrator. 

2. On the Admin Portal page, click Phone System > Groups.

3. Under Shared Lines tab, select the shared line group that you want to configure.

4. Click the Call Handling tab.


Setting up the Call Handling Rule of a Shared Lines group

The Shared Lines Group Call Handling section allows you to review or change each option for handling incoming calls for both Business Hours and After Hours. You can also set a customized call handling rule under the Advanced settings.

Tap any of the topics below to learn how to configure the following:

Business Hours
After Hours


Business Hours

You can configure the following under this section:

When all lines are busy, forward calls to

The overflow destination allows you to specify where a call is routed when all lines in the group are busy. This destination can be the voicemail for the group. Alternatively, the call can be forwarded to another extension in your account.

1. Under Group Voicemail, click Edit.

2. Select an extension under Select Call Destination.

3. Click Done.

Number of seconds to wait before forwarding unanswered calls

This option enables the administrator to set the number of seconds to wait before forwarding unanswered calls.

1. Click the drop-down menu and and choose a value between 10 and 80 seconds.

2. Click Save.

After Hours

Call Handling for Shared Lines offers the flexibility of setting call routing rules after business hours. These rules take into effect when your business is closed.


1. Click After Hours. 

2. There will be a pop-up confirmation message, click Yes.

3. Select Business Hours. You may choose 24 hours / 7 days a week or Custom Hours.

4. Click Save


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