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SummaryRingCentral for Apple Watch features and options when receiving calls, fax and messages notifications.

NOTE: The RingCentral for Apple Watch is no longer available for download. If already installed, the app will continue to work and previously downloaded content will still be accessible.

RingCentral for Apple Watch Features


Get an instant notification when a call, fax or message arrives


Send incoming calls to voicemail or dismiss the call when you are not available

Get a reminder on any RingCentral video conference or dial-in meeting 


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By default, iOS will send 3rd party app notifications to the your Apple Watch, and not your phone, if your phone is locked. If you still want to use the RingCentral app on your Apple Watch but want to get all RingCentral notifications on your phone, click here for a workaround.


Options when receiving a voicemail message notification

1. Dismiss/ignore calls
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Options when receiving a text message notification

1. Reply with a canned message
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2. Dismiss
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Option when receiving a fax message notification 

1. Dismiss.

Fax cannot be viewed from an Apple Watch
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Options when multiple messages arrive

1. Dismiss
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Options when an incoming call arrives

1. Send caller to voicemail

When you tap To Voicemail, you will be redirected to the Apple Watch Home Screen, and your caller will be routed to your voicemail.
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2. Dismiss/ignore calls

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Options when receiving a Join Now notification

1. Dismiss 
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