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RingOut - Use | RingCentral Phone

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SummaryThis article describes the RingOut feature and its usage.


Using RingOut on your RingCentral Phone

RingOut enables Users to make a call from any other outside number (not RingCentral number) by means of the RingCentral account.

The RingOut feature is enabled by default and does not need to be disabled to use Direct Dial. This means that the RingCentral Phone for Desktop (softphone) with an assigned DigitalLine has the option to initiate calls through Direct Dial or RingOut. 
For more information about the RingOut feature, go to RingCentral RingOut Overview.

To learn how to configure your RingCentral Phone for Desktop's RingOut settings, go to RingCentral Phone Desktop - Configure RingOut Settings.

To learn how to use the RingOut feature on your RingCentral Phone for Desktop, go to RingCentral Phone Desktop - RingOut | Placing an Outgoing Call. 

For more information on how to place a Direct Call using the RingCentral Phone for Desktop, go to RingCentral Phone Desktop - Set up Softphone Outbound Call.

TitleRingOut - Use | RingCentral Phone
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