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SummaryPhones ordered from RingCentral are pre-configured, fully provisioned, and ready for calls. Just plug phones into a high-speed internet connection to get started.

Deskphones | Connecting your RingCentral Desk Phone to your Network 

Ensure the following below before connecting your desk phone to the network. Your local network, Internet connection, and your router all contribute to the overall call quality. 

i. Your Internet connection bandwidth should have enough capacity to deliver high call quality. 
You can do the following tests:

Capacity Test 
This test will help you determine the maximum number of simultaneous RingCentral VoIP calls that can be supported on your broadband connection. 

VoIP Quality Test 
This test will simulate VoIP calls between your computer and RingCentral and will provide an estimate of the voice quality you should expect when using our service. 

ii. Your modem should be configured in IP pass-through or bridge mode.  
• Verify with your company or administration IT. You can contact your Internet Service Provider for instructions.

iii. Your router should be configured. 
• Find your router here and configure according to the instructions. You may need to purchase a new router if the one that you are currently using is not on the list.

iv. Plug in your phones directly to the network for best audio quality and connection stability.
• Plug the cables at the back of your RingCentral phone.

You can proceed with the steps below in connecting your RingCentral desk phone when you have met the following conditions above.

1. Attach the handset to your phone base using the coiled cord provided, if applicable. 

2. If you are not using Power over Ethernet (PoE), connect your phone to the A/C adapter device.

3. Plug the Ethernet cable into the WAN port on your phone.

4. Plug the other end of the Ethernet cable into your router or switch.

5. It will automatically download and run the provisioning configuration once your RingCentral phone detects Internet connection. 

IMPORTANT: You desk phone will restart several times while provisioning. DO NOT manually power OFF your phone during this process.  

Recommended Network Setup

It is essential to have your network set up correctly in order to have your phone system run successfully.

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You will know that your RingCentral desk phone is successfully connected to your network when the desk phone displays the Date and Time set on the extension where the phone is assigned to. You can also check the phone's status through the RingCentral online account. See Checking if the Desk Phone is Online to learn more.

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