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SummaryRingCentral Rooms is a cloud-based video conferencing solution for every conference room. RingCentral Rooms works with off-the-shelf equipment - an iPad, camera, speaker, microphone, and a Mac or Mac mini connected to up to 2 TVs - without expensive hardware and complex configuration. This article contains information on the RingCentral Rooms iPad Controller interface. Read on to learn more.


RingCentral Rooms - iPad Controller Interface Overview

Meeting List
Meet Now
• In-Meeting Controls
• Settings


Meeting List

• Tap Meetings List to view and select a scheduled meeting from the list and tap Start to join a meeting. 
• Tap Refresh to update the Meeting List to see newly scheduled meetings.
• A meeting alert will appear 10 minutes prior to the next scheduled meeting on the iPad controller. Tap Start to start the meeting or Dismiss to dismiss the reminder. The reminder will show an orange background but will switch to red if the meeting has not started past its scheduled time. 

meeting list


Meet Now

• Tap Meet Now to start a meeting immediately. This will send out a Meeting ID to let participants join your meeting.

meet now


In-Meeting Controls


The iPad controller allows you to control the following room features during a meeting:

•  Mute Microphone
- Tap this button to mute your audio.
•  Stop Video - Tap this button to switch off your video.
•  Share Content - Tap this button to share content from a laptop or sharing via AirPlay. You can also share content from your RingCentral Rooms using the RingCentral Meetings for Desktop. See Rooms - Proximity Sharing | RingCentral.
•  Gallery View - Tap this button to show all attendees in a grid.
•  Switch Camera - Tap this button to select and switch among cameras in a conference room.
•  Camera Control - Tap this button to Control PTZ camera settings, presets, or switch to secondary camera.
•  Manage Participants -  Tap this button to perform the following on your participants: Mute or Unmute, grant Host Control, Allow Record, or Remove Participants.
•  Invite - Tap this button to invite participants via directory, email, phone or room system.
•  Settings - Tap this button to access and modify your settings.
•  Leave - Tap this button to leave the meeting.
•  Volume Control - Adjust microphone volume input from your RingCentral Rooms iPad controller.



Enter the RingCentral Meeting ID and tap the Join button to join a meeting.

join meeting rc rooms



Use Presentation to share your content with participants in the conference room if you are not in any meeting. You will have the option for sharing from a laptop or sharing via AirPlay.

• To share from a laptop, tap Presentation on the iPad controller, and then tap Share Laptop. From your laptop, go to the provided URL and enter the meeting ID.
• To share via AirPlay, see Rooms - Screen Share Using Airplay Mirroring to learn how. 
• You can also share content from your RingCentral Rooms using the RingCentral Meetings Desktop. See Rooms - Proximity Sharing | RingCentral .




Make an outgoing call from your iPad Controller.

phone rc rooms



Tap Settings to view and customize your RingCentral Rooms Settings. 

rc rooms ipad settings

The following options allow you to customize and manage your Rooms Settings:

• Room
- Room name and Sign Out option.
• Microphone - Set your Rooms Microphone device.
• Speaker - Set your Rooms Speaker device.
• Camera - Set your Rooms Camera device.
• About - RingCentral Rooms information: Controller Version, Rooms Version, Privacy Policy, Send Problem Report option.
• Hide my local video - Toggle switch to enable or disable Hide my local video.
• Lock Settings - Toggle to lock or unlock settings to change microphone, speaker, camera, and sign out.

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