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SummaryThis articles provides information on how to get started with RingCentral Room Connector.


RingCentral Room Connector - Getting Started

RingCentral Room Connector extends your existing H.323/SIP room system to a Ringcentral Meeting. RingCentral Room Connector gives you the ability to connect and collaborate with other RingCentral Meetings participants joining from mobile, tablets, desktops, telephones, RingCentral Rooms, or other RingCentral Room Connector H.323/SIP room systems.


Key Features

Enjoy quality meeting experience by connecting your existing H.323/SIP conference room system to a RingCentral Meeting.
Work with video conference endpoints from Polycom, Cisco, Lifesize
Easily join a meeting with flexibility with the following options:

- via Video Conference System (VCS) dial-in IP address.
- via entering pairing code shown on VCS splash screen.

• Collaborate with up to 50 RingCentral Meetings participants from mobile, desktop, RingCentral Rooms or other RingCentral Room Connectors, desktops, telephones, RingCentral Rooms, or other RingCentral Room Connector H.323/SIP room systems


To get started with RingCentral Room Connector

• Purchase a Room Connector Licenses Room Connector
• Set up with the Room Connector Supported Devices
• Dial in to a Meeting with RingCentral Room Connector Or
• Pair in to a Meeting with Room Connector
• Enable video and content sharing on dual monitors for RingCentral Meetings with RingCentral Room Connector

NOTE:  You need to have a RingCentral Room Connector license in order to set up a RingCentral Meeting with RingCentral Room Connector.  RingCentral Room Connector allows one device at a time to connect across all RingCentral Meetings in your account. RingCentral Office accounts and RingCentral Meetings Essentials / Advanced Accounts can schedule meetings with RingCentral Room Connector.

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