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SummaryRingCentral Webinar is an add-on for RingCentral Meetings that lets you host virtual events and online trainings with up to 10,000 attendees, joining from desktop, tablet and smart devices. RingCentral Webinar is easy to set up and manage for every online event. It gives you the flexibility to customize with your brands, registrations and email communications. The intuitive interface and feature-rich host controls empower you to manage your events with ease. The interactive Q&A, poll and chat optimize audience engagement and user experience to help achieve your business objectives.


RingCentral Webinar - Getting Started



Online virtual events with premium video and audio
Up to 500* panelists (presenters) in one web meeting. Easy to switch roles and screen sharing.
Scalable to meet your business growth. Flexible packages from 100 to 10,000 attendees.  
Purchase and assign licenses to users directly from online account
Schedule one-time or recurring events
Customize with company brand and logo
Flexible registration with preset and custom questions 
Invite panelists (presenters) and attendees separately
One-click HD screen sharing from desktop or smart devices within an event
Dual screen support to show panelists and presentation simultaneously
Full-featured host controls with audio options, chats, content sharing and recording
• Interactive Q&A will live or text answers
Add up to 5 polls with up to 10 questions/answers for each webinar
Comprehensive post-event reporting with event performance, registration, attendee, Q&A and poll data

NOTE: *With the Large Meetings add-on, capacity can be expanded to up to 500 panelists.


To get started with RingCentral Webinar

i.   Purchase a RingCentral Webinar License
ii.  Assign a RingCentral Webinar License
iii. Make sure that your RingCentral Meetings for Desktop and Mobile App are in the latest version.

NOTE:  You need to be an Account Administrator or a User with administrator access to purchase and assign a RingCentral Webinar license. Once a User is assigned with a RingCentral Webinar License, he/she is now the Webinar owner.


What you can do with RingCentral Webinar

 Schedule a RingCentral Webinar with Registration or without Registration 
• Start or join a RingCentral Webinar
• Invite Users to Register for a RingCentral Webinar
• Customize Email Templates
• Customize RingCentral Webinar Registration Customization 
• Adjust RingCentral Webinar Settings
• Create RingCentral Webinar polls and extract RingCentral Webinar Reports
• Interact with other Attendees using Chat or taking advantage of the Raise Hand Feature
Ask questions as an Attendee or answer questions as a Panelist in Question and Answer
• Unmute Attendees
• Promote or remove Webinar Attendees
• Add Global Dial-in Countries
• Show elapsed time in a Webinar 
• Use Video filter
• See same video layout as host in Mobile view
• Co-hosts can also conduct Polls

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